If you ever wanted to go to Hong Kong

Sometimes I find myself feeling homesick of Hong Kong. Oh, how I love traveling! How I love other cultures! I think I could never get tired of it. So after five months in that little place South of China, I find myself reminiscing the good things and laughing at the weird things. Still, there were so much stuff I did not manage to see, to do, to experience. In this mood I decided to search the Internet for interesting things about HK and share with you what I thought you should know if you ever wanted to go there.

Why should you go to HK? If you’re interested in Asian culture with a twist (in this case, British-influenced), this is your destination. A great combination of Chinese traditions and the most modern, cosmopolitan, globalized society. It’s for sure a crowded city, moving at an incredible pace, but you can surprisingly find a quiet, peaceful corner to relax and forget about the hustle just a step away from it.MTR Corporation, which operates Hong Kong's subway system, is so good at its job it now runs other cities' trains as well.

There are many things Hong Kong that does better than anywhere else. I’d choose a few of them that I might not have mentioned before. It is the third safest city in the world, made of humongous skyscrapers that defy gravity but still with lots of green spaces, an efficient public transport system, and full of leisure options and, most importantly, restaurants!

Well, apart from that, there’s a few facts you probably don’t know about HK. The literal meaning of its name is Fragrant Harbor, and it doesn’t only consist of Hong Kong Island, though most the pcitures we get are from there, but also of Kowloon, the New Territories, and several other smaller islands around.

If you’re going for a short stay, you should prepare your visit carefully. Whether you go alone (it’s #5 of the best destinations where you can travel alone), with friends or family, you’ll always find lots of amazing things to do. TripAdvisor has a long list of highlights recommended by users who have already been there and classified by votes (right here).

The Peak Hong Kong

If you don’t have a lot of time, squeeze in as many things as possible. Here you have a short list of the top 10 things to do in HK according to a native Hongkonger. My favorite are visiting Victoria Peak (on the tram, of course!) and the views of the Harbour at night (and day), shopping at Temple Street Night Market and Ladies Market, a ride on the Star Ferry (get ready for it!) and on the double-decker tram, and getting lost in Central.

With one of the world's lowest salary tax rates and zero sales tax, Hong Kong is great about letting you keep your hard-earned money.If you have more time, I’d recommend going through this list of 45 things to do in HK, and then choose according to your own liking. Museums, theme parks, natural parks, beaches, shopping malls and street markets, international and local food restaurants, karaokes, night clubs… You can also spice up your to-do list with some cool ideas, such as going to VIP clubs on skyscrapers rooftops or shopping tailor-made clothes.

However, if you’re thinking of going there long-term, you need to get a better idea of how HK works. In this article you can read about 50 things that make this place unique and attractive if you’re planning on living in this place from the point of view of a foreign family. I think it’s very interesting to consider things such as the weather (the humidity, the storms and the occasional typhoons), the lack of space in some areas (the scary prices of accommodation, the crowds everywhere…), the convenience of everything (including the allmighty Octopus Card, which is the transport system card but can be used in shops and restaurants to pay), the great amount of walking people as well of taxis, people sleeping anywhere.

And if you’re thinking of going to HK, no matter for how long, just be ready for anything, but most importantly, be ready to open your eyes to see, your mouth to eat, yours ears to listen, your heart to experience. I loved that place, I hope you’ll love it too.



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