Ahora mismo estoy un poco perdida, intentando darle sentido a mi vida. Pero no tengo muchas ganas, solo quiero que las cosas pasen. Lo que pasa es que la gente a mi alrededor no deja de decirme lo que debo hacer, de comparar sus vidas con la mía.

No pasa nada si no tengo un buen trabajo a tiempo completo. Gano lo suficiente con lo que tengo y tengo muuucho tiempo libre para estudiar. Y estoy pensando en mudarme definitivamente con el francés, pero estoy un poco asustada de la reacción de mi familia y todo el lío de meter todas mis cosas en su pequeño apartamento.

Skirt: Blanco
Scarf: Stradivarius
Boots: Pasarela


7 thoughts on “Últimamente”

  1. First of all: regarding master, private classes, a boyfriend and a summer job you’re already better than me. But I’m not comparing. And honestly, I think you should stop doing that too for your own good.
    Now, replying to your questions, since they all have very simple answers:
    1) is your boyfriend ready to take you? Honey, first you can try to do things slow, but I think you’ve already done that, so I think yes, why not. Anyway, that is something you should discuss with HIM, none else, not even you, ask him what he thinks about or whether he feels ready. And if you do it.. Then do your best.
    2) will that mean you leave home forever? Honestly, you never know.. Some people marry, have children, have a wonderful job and then when they are 40 they divorce or they are broke and have no other place to go. You seriously cannot predict the future. Yet one thing, if you are living in Seville or anywhere close by flight or anything, it will be as easy as that. And finally, family’s forever there. So don’t worry at all.
    3) if you really need freedom, and I think you’ve been waiting for this for a while, then stop thinking and thinking and do I. None’s ready when they finally do something relevant in their lives, but that dkesn’t mean it won’t lead into a positive change.
    And I think that’s just as much as I have to say.
    Take care Irenpower 😉

    Me gusta

    1. I know, I have more thanmany other people but still, it’s not exactly what I wanted. We both want to live together but for now, considering the situation and that it’s a bit too early to take such a decision, we’ll stay as we are right now, almost living together but with me coming home during most days of the week. That has worked for the last six months so it should work until the end of the year, I hope =)

      Me gusta


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